Micro Infrastructure

The global social inclusion agenda and efforts demand new and creative ways of thinking and doing things, to achieve desired results. In smallholder agriculture and the rural economy, centralization is giving way to innovative decentralised and distributed models for providing infrastructure. An example of such is AgroMall's irrigation support efforts that has provided decentralized irrigation systems to over 200 thousand farmers, and further provided shared irrigation to an additional 120 thousand using data and analytics driven sharing models. AgroMall's models reduce joining barriers, improves effectiveness and efficiency of including the low income agricultural segment in Africa's social order.

A pioneer in this area, AgroMall is dedicated to investing in research, knowledge and solutions to leverage efficient decentralised and distributed models to profitably provide micro infrastructure such as irrigation and modular micro processing units to smallholder agriculture and other participants in the rural economy.

Currently, AgroMall is supporting farmers, its clients and other stakeholders in smallholder agriculture and the rural economy through the design, implementation and operation of shared and decentralized micro infrastructure and productivity platforms around Africa:


Micro agricultural produce processing units.

Decentralized and distributed micro electricity grids for modular micro agricultural produce processing units.

Decentralized and distributed portable water supply grids for irrigation.

Shared technology platform for discovery services in smallholder agriculture verticals.

Shared technology platform for business support to SMEs in agriculture.