The Problem

“Agriculture faces many challenges, notably dearth of credible data, and technologies, poor access to credit, poor access to markets and a weak agricultural extension system. All have combined to keep agricultural productivity low (~ 1.2 metric tons of cereals/ha).” Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO).

Other Solutions

Much of Africa’s public sector led agricultural extension and production support offerings are weak and ineffective, the existing private sector offerings targeted at smallholder farmers mostly seek to link smallholder farmers to funding in a person to person (P2P) model with little consideration for support in extension; agronomy; data collection, aggregation, application and management.

The challenges of smallholder agriculture and the rural economy stretches beyond access to funds, there is need to strengthen the smallholder farmer in the areas of agronomy, extension, quality, standards, yield improvement and access to markets, while supporting other value chain stakeholders in farmer validation, produce aggregation, farmer data, risk management and situational awareness.

AgroMall's Solution

AgroMall applies an integrated approach to solving the critical problems of low agricultural production and low financial inclusion of the rural economy by using a robust body of knowledge, information technology, data analytics and last mile agents. AgroMall’s solution helps to increase smallholder farmers’ yields by up to 3X, facilitates off take of their produce and optimizes efficiency of other agricultural value chain participants.