Agricultural Economics

The economics of agriculture is ever important to farmers, agricultural enterprises and development organizations that are focused on agriculture for the achievement of their economic and social impact objectives, both profitably and sustainably. The world of finance is increasingly aware of the need to support and invest in agricultural enterprises that are based on sound economics, employing sound business models in clear value chain positions. AgroMall supports agricultural economics in several dimension with consideration for farm, farmer, farmer family, production, markets and other stakeholders. Its data collection, analytics and management capabilities provide powerful data based economic and financial decision making capacity to stakeholders across agricultural value chains, thereby helping them to engage effectively and efficiently in agriculture and the rural economy.

AgroMall provides specialist, agricultural economics support that gives farmers access to financial services, and further manages investments in production capacity for farmers, agricultural enterprises, financial services and other stakeholders in agricultural value chains, to effectively and efficiently apply capital and production assets, for profitable and sustainable engagement in agriculture and the rural economy.

Our support never ends at accessing funds, we stand by our clients as they engage in agriculture and the rural economy all the way to making sense of their investments, from creation and adherence to strong governance and risk management frameworks to returning strong and sustainable financial results.



We support our farmers and other clients in planning and understanding and validating their economics of production, tracking and reporting on the actual utilisation of resource against plan and as it affects risk provisions and profitability. Our robust analytics and reporting system helps to collect and report production economics data while advising on necessary actions for corrections or consolidation as growing season progresses.


We make certain that our clients have access to the full complement of the investment ecosystem in agriculture and the rural economy, so we invest in competencies and relations to avail them the benefits of investments that are made for market-rate financial return on investment, and when necessary with consideration for social or environmental impact. Our strong relationships and robust capabilities of engaging investors and funds uniquely position us to provide the necessary links between our clients and financing. AgroMall also facilitates access to mission investments-that are made by foundations and other mission-based organizations to further their philanthropic goals of generating measurable social or environmental benefits and financial returns.

Agent Banking

AgroMall supports the last mile distribution of financial services to farmers and other participants in the agricultural value chain and rural economy. With its well designed access channels such as an ubiquitous network of agents aligned properly with the peculiarity of needs of the agricultural sector, AgroMall supports the delivery of banking, insurance, credit and savings services to close to 1 million farmers.

AgroMall will:

Calculate and validate the economics of agricultural production-the input required and the output to expect.
Manage farm’s financials-track budget versus actual spend and highlight areas for concern with corrective measures.
Prepare and support for credit and funding engagement.
Prepare produce for markets and exchanges.
Provide real-time dashboards and report on production, risk management, accounting and finance.