Agricultural Logistics

AgroMall deploys innovative solutions that leverage on good quality data, analytics and last mile agents to help grow farm and agribusinesses by making the processes of input and produce market discovery and aggregation work better for smallholder farmers and agribusinesses, thereby making them move faster, easier and more profitably.

Input discovery and aggregation

AgroMall’s agronomy and extension support to its farmers, and our visibility of their farming situation allows us to efficiently discover our farmers’ input requirements and aggregate their requirements for economics of scale, thereby reducing unit cost to individual farmers, while supporting efficient ordering and delivery for input suppliers. We are able to support input logistics as we collect and analyze economic, demographic, production and location data of our farmers while supporting their extension and agronomy requirements. With this, AgroMall is able to support just in time delivery of input that further supports better cashflow management for our farmers, out-grower anchors and input credit finance clients.

Produce discovery and aggregation

Our yield and economic prediction capabilities further integrates into early and efficient produce market discovery for both our farmers that sell and our off-taker clients that buy. Our visibility of farming situations allows us to efficiently predict and discover our farmers’ yield quantity and quality, while aggregating their produce for commercial value-thereby making it attractive to bulk commercial buyers, reducing middle men and returning more value to farmers. We also support efficient collection and delivery for our produce off-taker clients. We are able to support produce logistics as we collect and analyze production and location data of our farmers when supporting their extension and agronomy requirements. With this, AgroMall is able to efficiently match produce availability to transportation and off-taker, thereby creating an on-time, in-full delivery of produce  that supports better supply chain management for our produce off-taker clients.


From crucial cleanliness and warehouse inspections to cargo tracking, we help ensure product integrity at every stage of the route to market. We provide transit monitoring to check the treatment of your agricultural input and produce at different transit points.

The experience of our transportation and logistic support teams provides you with the assurance that your cargo is handled with due care and that your logistics chain is supporting best practice requirements. Trusting in our expertise allows you to get on with the other important parts of your role, safe in the knowledge that your road operations are in good hands.

To our clients, our logistics services include:

Farmer aggregation.
Produce aggregation.
Harvest measuring and validation.
Produce quality verification.
Transportation matching.
Cleanliness inspection.
Transit monitoring.
Cargo tracking.
Loading and discharge supervision.

Wherever our clients’ agricultural input and produce needs to go and come from, however it needs to get there, AgroMall helps to run logistics on time and on budget. We offer a suite of services designed to ease the process of movement.

Our transportation services helps to efficiently and effectively match transportation needs to transportation service providers and AgroMall ensures the safe and effective supply of products through the provision of expert advice, inspection, verification and audit services all in support of our clients’ logistics requirements.