Agronomy Support

Every day, everyone is affected by agronomy. The food you eat, the coffee you drink, the grass on the football field, the natural fibers of the clothing you wear are all products of agronomy and the work of agronomists.

Our Agronomists are plant and soil scientists who support our farmers and clients with innovative farm practices and technologies that not only boost crop yields but also control pests and weeds while protecting the environment. AgroMall’s Agronomists are also professional practitioners, educators, and advisers who work directly with farmers, companies, and others in the agricultural community to implement the latest methods and tools for growing crops profitably and sustainably.

AgroMall deploys its agronomy support solution that consists of last mile extension agents and ADAP©-The AgroMall Digital Agriculture Platform. The solution provides farmers and clients with digitized information and capabilities that supports their agronomy best practices while collecting data on over 500 data points such as soil nutrient, weeding practices, diseases, pest and environmental risk factors and analyses them for issues, while proffering corrective measures, when issues are reported.

Agronomic crops support

Agronomic crops are typically grown for grain to feed people and livestock, or are processed into products, such as oil, starch, protein, and flour. Major agronomic crops in the Africa include maize as grown for food and animal feed, ethanol, and processing, soybeans, wheat, rice, peanuts, and cotton. AgroMall agronomic crop support is at the center of its agronomy support practices.

Improved agronomy practices

AgroMall deploys its field agent and strong digitized information dissemination, data collection and computer analytics power to effectively and efficiently support its farmers and clients as they seek to improve agronomy practices in order to derive strong yields and good quality produce. AgroMall’s extension contacting fixed coverage visits supports the execution of agronomy calls on farmers and clients in a structured and professional manner. These calls support farmer and farm agronomy practices while gathering highly reliable first hand agronomy information and data.

Early warning and correction system

Our early warning and correction system efficiently and effectively deploys its extension agents and predictive analytics technology to recognize farm yield at risk by using agents to collect information on the farms and analytics to identify issues such as disease, pest, adverse weather and other occurrences. AgroMall goes further to prescribe solutions and actions, while deploying mechanisms to support implementation through information processing and farmer feedback structures that employ multi channel communication loops.

Agromall will:

Manage your planting, growing and harvesting practices to global standards.
Ascertain soil quality and advise on optimization for crop requirements.
Advise on best fit input with consideration for soil, climate and other parameters.
Manage pest and disease control.
Provide real-time digital dashboards and report on your farm’s agronomic elements.