Impact Assessment

Impact measurement is central to government interventions, developmental organisations, enterprises and impact investors working in agriculture. It is vital to the success of agricultural policies, developmental efforts and non financial returns on impact investment. AgroMall helps organizations to align their activities for the impact they require by measuring the impact recorded periodically while benchmarking defined pictures of success and milestones.

Effective impact measurement generates value for impact investment stakeholders, helps to fulfill the need for impact, mobilizes greater capital, and increases the transparency and accountability for the impact delivered.

To its clients, AgroMall provides digitized capabilities that deliver evidenced based  impact assessment using rigorous quantitative and  qualitative methodologies. We measure impact against  individual agricultural enterprise, intervention or policy focused goals that expand into vertical and transversal indices, that are  designed to reflect the objectives of the measured policy, intervention or enterprise and the existing baseline and peculiarities of the development situation in the focus agricultural value chains, agribusiness areas and locations.

AgroMall further advises its client on predicting and enhancing the certainty of potential uptake and impact in the event that the measured policy, intervention or enterprise is to be replicated or scaled.

Policy impact assessment

AgroMall helps its public sector clients to measure impact of smallholder farmer, and rural economy focused agricultural policy by employing quantitative and qualitative methodologies coupled with evidence based procedures that assess the economic, social, and environmental effects of agricultural and rural economic policy. AgroMall possess capabilities and capacity to measure within specific themes, such as social impact assessments and gender impact assessment, thereby helping improve the policy landscape by:

Informing policy makers about potential economic, social, and environmental ramifications.

Improving transparency.

Increasing public participation in order to reflect a range of considerations, thereby improving the legitimacy of policies.

Clarifying how public policy helps achieve its goals and priorities through policy indicators.

Contributing to continuous learning in policy development.

Enterprise/project/intervention impact assessment

We help our clients to identify the economic, social and  environmental impacts of  their enterprises, interventions and projects prior to decision-making  and post implementation. We employ our capabilities in the prediction and assessment of impacts at an early stage in project planning, design and pilot, usually before full commercial scaling. We find ways and means to reduce adverse impacts, shape projects to suit the local environment and present the predictions and options to decision-makers in order to ultimately achieve positive impact on their efforts.

Impact investment assessment

AgroMall supports impact investors in smallholder agriculture and the rural economy with in country and on ground capability and capacity to measure the real impact of their investments. We employ a blend of local knowledge, data analytics and rigorous methodology to give impact investors the visibility of the impact they are generating and keen insight on how, when and where the impact comes about.

How AgroMall helps its clients to measure impact

Set goals.
Develop framework and select metrics.
Collect and store data.
Validate data.
Analyse data and identify impact.
Report data driven impact assessment.
Make data driven management decisions.
Real-time digital dashboards and report on impact.