Small and Medium Enterprises

AgroMall’s SME support work encompasses SME's interactions with, and engagement in smallholder agriculture and the rural economy.
We support enterprises in farming, input supply, produce aggregation, produce off take, processing and other agribusinesses to ramp up their efficiency, build strong and resilient businesses and sustain profitability as they interact with agriculture for supply chain fulfillments, value addition and service provision.

Our aim is to help our clients make the most of the challenges and opportunities presented by a constantly changing and high risk smallholder agriculture business and market environment.

ADAP©-The AgroMall Digital Agricultural Platform, that collects and analyses data, combined with our last mile agent distribution capabilities ensure our clients have access to farmers, engage farmers effectively and efficiently, have information to plan around yield, quality and risk elements while also ensuring situational awareness of the dynamics of the farms, farmers and other stakeholders in agricultural value chains and the rural economy.

Our digitized agronomy support and agricultural extension platforms effieicently support improved outcomes for production efforts and further strengthens the integrity of the input distribution, produce aggregation and supply chains we support.


Targeted input distribution and marketing.
Targeted produce aggregation and off-take.
Supply chain management.
Value chain linkages.
Operational management.