AgroMall's technology supports its farmers, clients and other stakeholders to hold and grow their niche positions through superior information-data and analytics, robust engagement platforms and consistent innovation aimed at disrupting the norm for effectiveness and efficiency gains. To solve the problem of a dearth of data, information and intelligence that has plagued Africa's agriculture-especially in the smallholder segment, AgroMall has developed and deployed digitized production support, data collection and data analytics capabilities that have become powerful tools for production improvement, market analysis and targeting, risk and quality management, situational awareness and planning in the hands of farmers, businesses and governments.

As Africa seeks to evolve its agriculture especially with efforts to support smallholders for optimized productivity, profitability and positive net impact on the rural economy, it has become increasingly important for players in this sector to understand  the need for information and its efficient delivery, the potential transformational impact on the rural economy, and the complexity that will be involved in arriving at desired results. AgroMall is delivering on the key role technology will play to provide and manage capability, capacity, information and situational awareness of an effective, efficient, productive and profitable agricultural industry and rural economy in Africa.


How do we help?
AgroMall’s technology capability puts into consideration the challenges of doing business in smallholder agriculture especially with a developmental focus. We combine industry knowledge and technical experience with delivery capacity on powerful digital platforms to provide information, insights, tools, capabilities and capacity that deals with tricky operating environments and models in smallholder agriculture and the rural economy. With the data we collect and insights we analyze, our professionals go beyond today’s challenges to anticipate the potential long and short-term consequences of shifting practices and the role technology will play in their successful implementation.

Our focus on digitised agronomy and extension
AgroMall supports hitherto excluded farmers and businesses in accessing global standard production support services through cost distributed digital platforms that use information technology. Our focus on this area has seen us invest considerably in research, knowledge and capabilities which we continuously update and transfer to our framers, clients and other stakeholders.

Our focus on data and analytics 
AgroMall puts a premium on the usefulness of data in decision making and value addition when properly analysed and and employed. We deliver the capability and capacity for data aggregation and analytics as a technology offering for our farmers, clients, businesses, government and other stakeholders in agriculture and the rural economy.

Our focus on support for technology adoption and usage 
AgroMall supports the adoption and use of technology that supports efficiency and productive. Our digitised advocacy and education platforms-a subset of our digitised extension support that delivered by last mile agents helps farmers and providers to interact on the adoption of production technology such as tractors and other machineries. We help our stakeholders explore potential obstacles to change and adoption, while collaborating on critical decisions that can deliver real value to their businesses that entails deploying and adopting technology. We also support the behavioural change and training required for adoption and proper usage of technologies, while our data helps to provide machinery in a shared model thereby driving down cost of acquisition and usage.