Who We Are

AgroMall provides enhanced agricultural production and market discovery capacity to smallholder farmers and other agricultural value chain participants.

With our digitized capabilities and extension agent network, we support agricultural extension, agronomy, quality assurance, access to financial services, risk management, logistics optimization and other operational support elements for smallholder farmers and other stakeholders in agricultural value chains across Africa. Furthermore, we carry out impact assessment for agriculture focused development enterprises and interventions.

We work closely with our clients, helping them to identify and engage opportunities, while profitably and sustainably delivering on them. Our client profile includes Central Banks, Governments, Commercial Banks, Out-grower Anchors, Commodity Associations, Commodity Exchanges, Development Institutions, and Non Governmental Organizations. They look to us for delivery support that is premised on subject matter expertise; strong operations; robust technology; data aggregation, analytics and application; professionalism; insight and local knowledge.

Who we are

We provides delivery support for players along agricultural value chains to operationalize best agricultural practices and access funding for high impact. We contribute to sustainably and profitably solving some of the developmental challenges facing Africa with a focus on agriculture. We are engaged in the operationalization and delivery support for agriculture focused organizations and enterprises in areas such as extension management; data collection, and application; agronomy; risk management; quality assurance and traceability; economics and financial service access; yield prediction; aggregation, logistics and business discovery services.

To support our delivery of impact to its clients across Africa, we engage professionals, partners and best in class technology, focused on creating solutions for profitability and sustainability in agriculture and rural economic development.

We serve a broad mix of private, public and social sector organizations. Our clients reflect our quest to support agricultural development from multiple facets along the agriculture value chain. Around 20% are government development agencies, 20% are financial institutions, 10% are non-government development agencies and 50% private enterprises.

What we do

We help our clients to deliver on their agricultural production outlook, operationalize key support elements and measure impact of solutions, interventions and initiatives across agricultural value chains. We engage with our clients from being advisor to management, to on the ground operationalization of mission critical elements such as extension services; data collection, analysis and application; agronomy; risk management; financial services; quality assurance and traceability; yield prediction and logistics. On each engagement, we align talents with the most appropriate experience, expertise and technology to fit into the peculiarities of the task to ensure maximum value and impact.

Consistently, we seek improved ways to serve our farmers and clients, while anticipating their future needs and delivering on them, using robust and best fit capabilities, tools and partnerships.

We respect and guard the privacy of our farmers, clients and relationships.

We act with integrity, and transparency to the best of our abilities.

We strive to create sustainable value on all of our engagements.

We strive to create client focused long terms relationships.

Ultimately, we measure our success in terms of our impact on the performance and sustainability of our clients.