Government, Public Sector & Development

In Africa, all levels of government, public sector and development focused organizations are pressured to tackle social and financial issues such as lack of jobs, poverty and financial exclusion-especially in the rural economy. These stakeholders are increasingly looking to agriculture as the platform that will deliver the positive socio-economic development outcomes they seek and are finding effective and efficient ways to deliver and leapfrog these outcomes for exponential impact. How they choose to deliver the desired outcomes will affect the success of interventions and by extension, every part of the targeted rural economy.

AgroMall’s government and development support practice works to deliver meaningful results for interventions and investments in smallholder agriculture and the rural economy, through a deep understanding of the target audience, an intimate appreciation of how the public and development sectors work, local insight into cultural, social and economic environments and the collection, analysis and application of several parameters of social, economic and production data.

AgroMall’s Government, Public and Development Sector professionals and advisors, some of whom have held and still hold senior public sector roles in global and local capacities, consistently strive to combine their practical, hands-on global and local experience to help our clients implement transformational strategies in agriculture, while delivering economically, efficiently and effectively.

Our professionals work across a broad range of areas as they impact on agriculture including: yield improvement, practice improvement, population identification and verification, data aggregation, extension services, funding interventions, technology, financial inclusion, micro-Infrastructure as we provide integrated and holistic support.

In supporting our government, public and development sector clients, we invest in capabilities that bring together deep experience and knowledge in specific areas of their business such as:

Data collection, analysis and application

Project delivery support

Advocacy and communication

Capacity building

Financial inclusion

Impact assessment

Whether looking to improve access to funding, improved production, behavioral change or to manage the challenges associated with excluded agricultural population, AgroMall will bring creative and innovative  approaches to problem solving, implementation and situational awareness that reflects our keen understanding of the public and development sector operating environment and relevant private sector insights to achieve sustainable results.