Agricultural Extension

A Focus On Efficiency: To grow and improve profitability in agriculture, organisations need to focus, evolve and adapt to operating efficiently in the face of a complex and changing environment. We help our farmers and clients to focus on improving farm and agriculture business efficiency, making the best use of their assets, inventory and resources.

AgroMall’s agricultural extension services team work closely with farmers and organizations at different stages to deliver knowledge and expertise on robust farming practices and agricultural operations using our team of agents and ADAP©-The AgroMall Digital Agricultural Platform.

We know it is important to work alongside both senior executives and first-line operations teams, to provide assurance on delivering the best in class agricultural extension support or to quickly prioritize key challenges faced on farms or along the agricultural value chain while implementing operational improvements.

Our approach

We help our farmers and clients to discover, aggregate and implement agricultural best practices and capacity, while reacting with agility to implement improvements that significantly enhance farming and agricultural business performance and ultimately revenue to farmers and the businesses around them.  Our highly successful aggregated evidence based approach, focuses attention on delivering benefit to farmers while leveraging on a robust database of farm and value chain activity data and models that are tested to arrive in a best fit combination that is aligned to the peculiarities of each farmers, farm and client in agricultural value chain.

Our implementation support is tailored to complement the client’s existing resources, while offering flexibility, quality service and results that add value and reduce risk.

How we help our farmers and clients

Our working methods, processes and implementation plans are practical and have been shown to work improving our farmers yield and revenue while saving our clients time and money.
An experienced team who offer robust challenge to established practices and processes as we seek new and better ways of doing things.  We offer the rigours and momentum to see delivery through to full completion for our farmers and clients.

AgroMall will support you for:

Agricultural extension.
Farm management.
Advocacy and communication.
Operations planning and delivery.
Stakeholder management.
Yield prediction.
Situational awareness.
Real-time digital dashboards and reports on farm practices and operations.