Quality Management

Quality assurance and quality control services from AgroMall assure the quality of all input, practices, components and produce in our farmers' and clients' agricultural activities.

In agriculture and farming targeted at markets and off-takers, the quality of produce and farming practices are subject to strict regulations and standards. Our quality assurance and quality control services help our clients to ensure compliance with all contractual specifications, mandatory regulations and quality standards.

AgroMall helps its clients to:

Assure the quality of all equipment, input, structures, components and systems utilised in farming and produce off-take.
Comply with all relevant quality standards and regulations.
Verify input and produce through independent checks, audits, inspections and witnessing.
Benefit from quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) through the farming process.

As a growing provider of agricultural quality assurance and quality control services, we offer our clients unrivalled experience stretching across various agricultural value chains. With digitized resources, strong data collection and analytics capability and a ubiquitous network of agents, we provide our clients with QA/QC in several corner of Africa. As a result, we can help assure quality throughout the entire agriculture value chain participation of of farmers and clients.

AgroMall’s quality assurance and quality control services to clients include:

Assistance in defining a QA/QC program that meets the full scope of all regulatory and standard requirements.

Performing pre-award or pre-qualification checks, including a complete review of the suppliers’ QA program to meet government or purchaser requirements.

Organization of QA training courses.

QA of 3rd party organizations involved in farmers’ or clients’ production activities.

Review of specifications, procedures and specified standards utilized across the agricultural value chain participation of our farmers and clients.

Monitoring and testing.

Inspection, witnessing or verification to establish the quality of inputs, produce, systems, storage and activities of our farmers’ and clients’ participation in agricultural value chains.

Produce acceptance tests.

Pre-shipment inspections and loading supervision during the transportation phase.

Monitoring storage methods and preventive maintenance.

Organization and implementation of record retention systems.

Real-time digital dashboards and report on quality assurance.